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Competition Coordinators

Role                    Responsibility                   On-Deck Evaluations

Role of a Competition Coordinator

  • A Competition Coordinator (meet referee) is required for all sanctioned competitions in Ontario
  • Level IV or V
  • Brings knowledge to the event management committee and can help with technical problems related to the competition.
  • The Competition Coordinators is not included in the Swimming Canada rule book
  • Does not have authority over other officials
  • it is an advisory position
  • They are present to guide, support and assist as requested.
  • Competition Coordinator should be present throughout all sessions during the competition.
  • The role is to help ensure consistency, fairness, and quality in officiating each day throughout the competition.
  • A Quality Control Officer

Responsibilities (Overview)


On-Deck Evaluations

A competition coordinator at a sanctioned invitational and provincial meet in Ontario may be the only Level IV/V in attendance and as such may be the only official that can provide an on-deck evaluation “signoff” for Level II clinics.  As we gradually move away from the certification card record and consider the online profiles as the “official record”, the following will be asked of Competition Coordinators in regards to on-deck evaluations for Level II clinics.

Competition Coordinator /Mentor official/ Session referee (Level IV/V) guidelines

Before session

  • Highlight / denote all requests for on-deck evaluations received during pre-competition and during general briefing on the Official’s Grid or On-Deck Evaluation Form by consulting COC/ Session referee.
    • COC may have all this prepared ahead of time
    • Make sure visiting officials have club indicated on grid/form.
  • Level IV/Vs on the deck are then aware of whom is looking for on-deck evaluations

After session

  • Competition Coordinator consults with Session Referee / Mentor Officials to see if on-deck evaluations were successful.
  • Competition Coordinator initials Official Grid / On-Deck Evaluation Form with every successful on-deck evaluations
  • Grids and/or on-deck evaluation form can be shared with COC/COA to update online profiles.  COC and/or Swim Ontario can also communicate with COC of visiting officials the details of on-deck evals.

The competition coordinator is known to Swim Ontario through the sanction application and as such will be consulted when verification is required.   

The documents required for verification for online profiles are then in the hands of COCs / Competition Coordinators and Swim Ontario:

  • Clinic SignIn Form / Clinic Registration
  • Competition officials grid / On-Deck evaluation Form

A competition coordinator may assign these duties to a mentor Level IV/V but final approval of all on-deck evaluations must be completed by the competition coordinator.

A template official’s grid can be found HERE