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Chief Recorder-Recorder (Recorder-Scorer)

The Chief Recorder (Recorder-Scorer) is responsible for compiling the times and generating result printouts using swimming specific software.


A CHIEF RECORDER will use a computerized swimming competition software (Hy-Tek’s Meet Manager or Splash) to:

  • Record and post results
  • Set-up swim-off and official split events
  • Score an event
  • Know if a record time is set
  • Re-seed heats and events (if requested by Referee and/or Meet Manager)
  • A Chief Recorder may be requested to process scratches, deck entries and relay name updates from the Admin Desk or Meet Manager

This position is often combined with the Chief Finish Judge position

  • On deck experience, working in the meet office or with the Chief Finish Judge is the best way to learn this position and the computerized swimming competition software.

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