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Meet Management

Meet Management Roles and Responsibility to ensure all Swim Ontario Policies and Procedures and Swimming Canada Rules are followed.

2023-2024 Season

The Swim Ontario Sanctioning Procedures have undergone a review this past season and are published as of August 3, 2023. Please review carefully as there are changes in how a meet will be conducted. Click HERE for details.

The documents and information below have been updated for the 2023-2024 season. There are several changes to required statements in meet packages as well as meet conduct information.

Meet Management Responsibility

In accordance with all Swim Ontario policies and procedures and Swimming Canada Rules

  • Develop a Meet Package in coordination with the Head Coach and Competition Coordinator
  • Apply and manage changes for a Sanction with Swim Ontario through the Swimming Canada RTR site
  • Develop a Meet Database that follows the approved sanction (Hy-Tek Meet Management software)
  • Manage the club Entries through the Swimming Canada RTR site to build the meet database
  • Manage the Competition following the meet package and sanction ensuring all safety procedures are followed
  • Review and upload the Meet Results to the Swimming Canada RTR site
  • Complete all necessary Paperwork

Meet Manager Checklist

The following document contains a comprehensive list of Swim Ontario requirements for a Club and/or /Meet Manager when hosting a competition.  Not every competition will be the same, however, these requirements are based on policies and procedures Swim Ontario has in place and need to be followed.

Sanction Application & Meet Manager Account

In order to be considered for a sanction, the sanction request should be submitted in sufficient time to permit reasonable review (see below), and to allow for any adjustments that may be required prior to sanctioning deadlines. To apply for a competition sanction, a Meet Manager needs to login to the Swimming Canada RTR site using their Meet Manager account login details.

The Club Registrar can assign Meet Manager accounts through the Swimming Canada RTR site. Swimming Canada's HOW-TO GUIDE for MEET MANAGERS outlines features and steps to apply for a sanction, manage club entries and meet results.

Deadlines for sanction submissions

  • In House Competitions or Class II Time Trials - 2 weeks
  • Invitationals (including regional meets) - 6-8 weeks
  • Class I Time Trial (for record attempts) - 5 business days

Meet Package

A meet package is required when applying for a sanction with Swim Ontario.  The meet package must contain specific statements and links to documents that follow Swim Ontario policies and procedures and Swimming Canada rules. These are updated as policies and procedures are updated. Template meet packages with all required statements have been developed to help the Meet Management Committee prepare their meet packages. See resources below.

Related Resources

2023-2024 links and documents updated

Prior to Meet

Outlines the different types of sanctions, restrictions, deadlines, templates and post meet fees associated with different types of sanctions for Age Group, Varsity and Masters Clubs.

Meet Package Templates

Age Group Club

Note: the templates & statements document were updated September 20 with a missing word in the Relay Statement.

Varsity Team

Masters Club

Information Documents

Warm-up Procedures & Other Poster

Competition Forms


Sport Safety Forms and Information

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