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Para Swimming Resources

Pools to Schools

Pools to Schools is a program by Swim Ontario, in partnership with Swimming Canada, running a para swimming awareness and education program called Pools to Schools throughout the 2022/2023 school year

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REACH Webinar Series

In partnership with the Canadian Paralympic Committee, Swim Ontario ran 8 para webinars during the fall of 2021 to educate and assist clubs in their para swimmer development in their programs.

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Swimming Canada Para Swimming Fast Facts

Para swimming is such an important part of our swimming community, both nationally and internationally, and yet, its rules and organization can be so poorly understood. Starting from the very basics of para swimming, Swimming Canada has developed these quick to digest, easy to share, infographic “Fast Facts” about para swimming.

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World Para Swimming Rules and Regulations

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Coaching Kids of All Abilities

Coaching Kids of All Abilities is an online resource that helps coaches and youth activity leaders create inclusive sporting environments for kids of all abilities.

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NCCP Coaching Athletes with a Disability

The NCCP Coaching Athletes with a Disability module provides the knowledge to deliver quality, positive sport experiences for athletes, specifically those with behavioural, intellectual, physical, and sensory disabilities. Please find more information HERE

Active Living Alliance

The Active Living Alliance provides tip sheets with information about several disabilities and conditions to help physical activity, recreation and sport leaders better serve people with disabilities in their programs. Please find more information HERE

No Accidental Champions

The No Accidental Champions describes some of the opportunities and challenges that face persons with permanent disabilities in pursuing sport and physical activity.

This document tells readers how the Canadian sport system can best accommodate the needs of individuals with disabilities for increased activity and greater achievement through Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD).

The Blueprint for Building Quality Participation in Sport for Children, Youth, and Adults with a Disability introduces key concepts that underpin quality participation, and provides tools for building quality participation in sport programs. The research evidence supporting the Blueprint is summarized in a supplemental report: Evidence-Based Strategies for Building Quality Participation in Sport for Children, Youth, and Adults with a Disability. A survey for measuring athletes’ and exercisers’ quality participation also is available.

Swimming Canada’s Introduction to Para-Swimming Coaching emodule

Swimming Canada’s Introduction to Para-Swimming e-module is available in the LMS under the Elearning tab.

Swimming Canada’s Classification Page

Swimming Canada’s Classification Page provides information and documents on eligibility, the classification process, codes of exception, request for sport class evaluation forms, World Para Swimming Rules and Regulations and the Para Swimming Classification Database.

Swimming with Dystonia

Recording of a Swimming Canada Webinar regarding swimming with dystonia


Lexi provides general information on the functionality and impairments represented in each classification in each Paralympic sport. It can be used to provide a general understanding of the different functionality and impairments that may be eligible within each classification. Find more information HERE

Psychological Skills Training (PST)

Researchers at Windsor University have developed a psychological skills training program (PST) which involves the systematic and consistent practice of mental skills. PST can be used to help athletes improve performance, increase enjoyment in sport, and improve self-satisfaction. This training is specifically for para athletes. More information can be found HERE

Inclusive Sport Design

Inclusive Sport Design is a resource and web platform that aims to help sport providers at all levels achieve their goals for diversity and inclusion in sport. Through online courses, resources, a newsletter and articles, Inclusive Sport Design will take you from “Yeah, anyone is welcome” to “Hey, this is how we welcome everyone“. Information can be found HERE.

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