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The following are the technical officials positions at a competition that officiate following the rules of Swimming Canada under the supervision of the Referee and mentor senior officials.

Find out more about each role and related resources by following the title link.


The Timekeepers are located behind the starting blocks of their respective lanes at the start end of the pool and are responsible for the timing of swimmers using the semi-automatic timing equipment (plungers) and / or watches. Two timers per lane are generally required for a session.

Safety Marshal

Ensure swimmer safety by following the Swimming Canada Competition Warmup Safety Procedures during the warm-up period. Reports to the Referee.

Judge of Stroke and Inspector of Turn

Stroke and Turn judges are charged with observing the swimmers and reporting infractions of the rules of each stroke.

Chief Timekeeper

The Chief Timekeeper is in charge of the timekeepers and provides assistance to them.

Administrative Desk (Clerk of Course)

The Admin Desk (Clerk of Course) is responsible for organizing the swimmers on the deck and ensuring all information provided is up to date, accurate.and follows the information found in the Meet Package.

Chief Recorder-Recorder (Recorder-Scorer)

The Chief Recorder (Recorder-Scorer) is responsible for compiling the times and generating result printouts using swimming specific software.

Chief Finish Judge / Chief Judge Electronics

The Chief Finish Judge (CFJ) or the Chief Judge Electronics (CJE) determines the official times, results and placing of the swimmers.

Meet Manager

The Meet Manager is the general manager of the entire competition. They have duties before, during and after the meet.


The Starter, working with the Referee, is responsible for starting the race and judging the fairness of the start.


The Referee is the official with the most authority on deck and provides the best possible environment in order to maximize swimmer performance while ensuring the session is run fairly, consistently and smoothly.

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