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Judge of Stroke and Inspector of Turn

Stroke and Turn judges are charged with observing the swimmers and reporting infractions of the rules of each stroke.

Inspector of Turns (IT)

  • IT will be positioned at the start and turn end of the pool and observe the starts, turns and finishes.
  • If at the start end, they may also be assigned timekeeper duties.
  • It is recommended to begin mentoring as a turn judge before mentoring as a stroke judge.

Judge of Strokes (JS)

  • JS will be positioned along the side of the pool and will observe the swimmers during the stroke portion of each race.
  • In Short Course Meter (SCM) competitions, one JS on each side is sufficent.
  • In Long Course Meter (LCM) competitions, two JS on each side is recommended.
  • A JS may also be assigned as the recall rope operator. The recall rope (at 15m) is only dropped on the Referee signal.
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