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There are several Club Roles and Mentoring Roles within the province that are an intergral part of developing technical officials to help run swimming competitions. Below are the roles and responsibilities for each. Find out more about each role and related resources by following the link for the role.

Clinic Instructor

Deliver the Swimming Canada Officials Clinics

Club Official Administrator

Manages the Swimming Canada Registration System for Officials

Club Official Chair

Coordinate officials development through clinics & competitions

Competition Coordinator

Ensure consistency, fairness, and quality in officiating each day throughout the competition in an advisory position as well as mentor for all officials. All sanctioned competitions require a Competition Coordinator.

Mentor & Evaluator

A Level 5 official who, on behalf of Swim Ontario, conduct formal referee/starter assessments and evaluations for a Level 4/5 candidate.

Meet Management

Meet Management Roles and Responsibility to ensure all Swim Ontario Policies and Procedures and Swimming Canada Rules are followed.

Regional Official Representative

Promote excellence and consistency in officiating within their region while supporting the goals and objectives of the Swimming Canada/Swim Ontario officials’ development pathway and leadership by officiating and mentoring at competitions.

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